• Our Psychological Services

  • What Can You Expect From Us?

    psychological services

    There are clear rules about how we deliver and provide our services and manage your health information. The Australian Psychological Society has developed a charter for clients. Avanti Psychology adheres strictly to this charter and we work within these at all times. As such, you have a right to expect that:

    • You will be treated with respect.
    • You will receive a clear explanation of the service you will receive.
    • Your consent for any service will be sought prior to the service commencing and as it progresses.
    • You will receive an explanation about the nature and limits of confidentiality surrounding the service.
    • You will be clear about the goals that you and the psychologist are working toward.
    • You will receive competent and professional service.
    • You will receive a clear statement about fees.
    • An estimate of the number of sessions required to achieve your goals will be discussed.
    • You will receive a service free from sexual harassment.
    • You will be shown respect for your cultural background and language tradition.

    Note: If you have any concerns about the above matters, discuss them with your psychologist. If you have concerns about the conduct of your psychologist, you may call either the Psychology Board of Australia on 1300 419 495, or the Australian Psychological Society on (03) 8662 3300.

  • A Non-Judgemental And a Non-Directive Space.

    This is your life and your journey. We see our role as one where we can assist you to feel healthier and happier by learning specific tools or strategies and/or exploring all your options in a difficult situation to better enable you to make your own clear choices.

  • Challenging you to develop new ways of thinking about or tackling a problem.

    It is important that you have time and space to tell your story.  It is equally important that where appropriate we assist you to think about your life in new ways. At times this does require gentle challenging by a therapist. While this is different to being directive, it can at times be confronting. That is not the aim however. The goal is to stimulate you to see a problem or issue from another perspective you may not have recognised in the past. We will always endeavour to explain in the first instance why we might challenge some of your thoughts or behaviours. 

  • Freedom from blurred or confused boundaries.

    As psychologists, we are not permitted to engage in personal relationships with clients under any circumstances. We fully support this guideline which ensures that a client feels safe. This means that we won’t accept invitations to social events, lend or borrow money, employ or engage with our clients in any way outside of the therapy sessions unless it is for the purposes of discussing your appointments or therapy.

    We also recognise that in rural and regional areas, it is likely that we will bump into clients out in public or in the course of other business. That is fine as long as our clients feel in control of the interaction. If you wish to say hello no problem however we will not initiate a greeting or conversation if you do not. This is to protect your privacy, especially if you are out with another person or people. We will also never knowingly engage clients in other business unless there is no other alternative (e.g. for plumbing or dental services).

    Freedom from blurred boundaries also means that each therapist will not work with more than one person from a family unless there are exceptional circumstances.