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  • about us

    Avanti Psychology is a private therapy and consultancy service based in Central Victoria and managed by two experienced psychologists: Ms. Susan Trotter B.A., B.Sc (Hons)., M. Psych (Org)., MAPS (COP) and Dr. Annie Thomas B.B.Sc (Hons.)., PhD., MAPS (CClin). Our team includes Psychologists Matt Jones and Jan Morgan, Executive Assistant Nicole Pannell, and Receptionist Janine Siepolt.

  • Avanti Psychologists

  • Annie Thomas

    Annie is Director of Clinical Psychology Services at Avanti Psychology.

    Annie is a registered psychologist with over 20 years experience and has an extensive background in both forensic and clinical psychology. Annie has worked as a clinician, senior clinician and senior manager across a range of contexts in Victorian Corrections including men’s and women’s prisons (minimum, medium and maximum security) and community correctional centres.

    The scope of her role has included drug and alcohol based services, mental health services, women’s and indigenous services and violence intervention. Annie has also maintained a private clinical practice since 1996 and in 2010, moved to full time private clinical practice in Central Victoria. Read more...

  • Susan Trotter

    Susan is Director of Organisational Psychology and Counselling Services.

    Susan has over 12 years of experience working as a psychologist engaging with individuals and organisations at all levels. Her consultancy services include organisational psychology and individual treatment for a range of issues.

    Susan has achieved strong results in her organisational work with a focus on relationship building and quality and timely outputs, often working within complex and pressured environments. She has been involved in significant strategic projects, working with and coordinating amongst work groups with different organisational climates and cultures.  Susan works effectively with line staff, middle and senior management. Read more...

  • Matt Jones

    Matt is a Registered Psychologist

    Matt Jones is a registered psychologist with more than four years’ experience in the provision of psychological services to children, adolescents and adults. A teacher for 12 years, Matt has also occupied roles in counselling and welfare support in schools, as well as providing mental-health and wellbeing education for students, parents and teachers.

    Having previously worked in a range of contexts including schools and Aboriginal Health Services, Matt has extensive experience working with both youth and Aboriginal clients in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner. His work with children in schools has meant that Matt has considerable familiarity with and understanding of the administration and interpretation of a range of psychological assessments used within educational settings. He continues to be passionate in his focus on youth and education, and the engagement and provision of support for young people.

    Matt is a registered Medicare provider and works with individuals under work and private health cover and can also be accessed through employee assistance programmes. He can provide a range of educational and behavioural assessments and interventions, and his practise encompasses the provision of treatment for the following:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Trauma, grief and loss
    • Anger and stress
    • Relationship issues
    • Self-esteem
    • Drug and alcohol issues
    • Disruptive behaviour disorders
  • Jan Morgan

    Jan Is A Registered General Psychologist

    Jan Morgan is a registered general psychologist who has been working with clients since 2013.  Entering the profession of psychology later in life, Jan has lived through a range of experiences that supports her understanding of the complexities of life and the struggles people face.  She is a genuine therapist who responsively engages with clients in a way that helps her clients feel heard, accepted and understood. 

    Jan interactively engages with clients and uses collaboration within her work, allowing clients to work toward resolving their difficulties in a supported and non-judgmental way.  Jan is passionate about assisting clients to achieve their personal goals and to live life in a more personally meaningful way.  Jan has worked with children of primary school age through to older adults.  She has a particular interest in working with older adults.

    Jan draws on various evidence-based treatments including cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness and relaxation.  Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology, and Master of Professional Psychology Practice.  Jan is a registered Medicare provider and is also able to work with individuals under workcover and private health cover, TAC and Victims of Crime (VOCAT).   Jan provides individual treatment services to adolescents, adults and older adults for a range of issues, including the following:

    • Issues affecting the elderly such as the ageing process
    • Grief and loss
    • Depression
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Trauma
    • Stress and adjustment difficulties
    • Chronic pain
    • Relationship issues
    • Self-esteem
    • Sleep difficulties
  • Nicole Pannell

    Executive Assistant at Avanti Psychology

    (03) 5400 1270

    Nicole has an interesting and eclectic employment background working in different industries.  She gains satisfaction in supporting others and this can be seen in her past work with White Ladies Funeral Services where she assisted families in times of deep grief and loss, planning for their loved ones final resting place. In her role in family day care she supported parents in caring for their children, and helped children develop into well-adjusted little individuals ready for kindergarten. 

    She now extends her support for others as the Executive Assistant for Avanti Psychology.  In this role Nic is responsible for the day to day running of the administrative elements of the practice, and will be happy to speak to you about avenues for gaining referral to a psychologist, for appointment needs, fees and other such matters.  Nic may be contacted at our Kennington office on (03) 5400 1270.

  • Janine Seipolt

    Janine Is The Receptionist At Avanti Psychology

    (03) 5400 1270

    Janine is a welcome addition to our team, commencing as a receptionist in 2016.  Janine has lived and worked in the Bendigo region all of her life, commencing as a young hairdresser before focusing on raising her family and administratively and emotionally supporting her husband in his business.  Janine has a lovely and kind disposition and has been a great fit with our team.

    Janine’s role is to support the effective and efficient administrative management of Avanti Psychology.  She supports our Executive Assistant, Nic in running of the administrative elements of the practice, and will be happy to speak to you about avenues for gaining referral to a psychologist, for appointment needs, fees and other such matters. 
    Janine may be contacted at our Kennington office on (03) 5400 1270.

  • Megan Phillips

    Megan is a Registered Psychologist With 20 Years Experience 

    Megan is a registered psychologist with over 20 years experience working with intellectual disability in both community and residential settings and also has an extensive background in forensic psychology. Megan has worked as a clinician and senior clinician in Victorian Corrections including men’s prisons and community correctional services.  Megan also has extensive experience in broader mental health services, group treatment facilitation and staff training. Megan has the following qualifications: 

    • Dip App Sci (intellectual disability)
    • Ba Behavioural Science
    • Post Grad Dip App Psychology
    • Assoc MAPS 

    Megan is an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society. She is a registered Medicare provider and also sees individuals under Victims of Crime (VOCAT) provisions. Megan is passionate about providing services to clients with an intellectual disability. Megan provides services to adults in Bendigo and provides individual treatment for the following:

    • Anger
    • Violence
    • Sexually inappropriate behaviours
    • Behaviours of Concern
    • Depression
    • Anxiety